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The stunning cinema of 1982

Rutger Hauer in the 1982 film 'Blade Runner'

A lookback by Anne Bilson, a film reviewer with the Telegraph newspaper, at why she thinks the films of 1982 may have been the best collective crop ever.

I’ll snip out some excerpts relating to my favourite hobby horse of that year — Blade Runner. (more…)

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CBC announces regional cuts in local news

The CBC is cutting 244 jobs, including 144 from English language services, while planning to add positions in digital. (more…)

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Bell Media CEO pulls rank, apologizes

In a rare show of corporate power exerting itself over a news division, Bell Media CEO Kevin Crull ordered CTV News properties not to show any further video of CRTC chairman Pierre Blais following the commission’s ruling last week on pick-and-pay cable packages, the Globe and Mail reported. (more…)

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‘Facebook may host news sites’ content’

Facebook is in discussions with some leading U.S. news properties to start hosting those companies’ content within Facebook itself. (more…)

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Employment growth in Canada on a long, flat streak

From the Globe and Mail (“Anemic job growth streak earns a place in the record book“):

Year-over-year employment growth in Canada has been below 1 per cent for 15 months in a row, the longest stretch below that mark for annual job gains, outside of recessions, in almost 40 years of record-keeping. (more…)

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Turning our eyes from the Syrian civil war

What if you gave special coverage online to the fourth anniversary of the Syrian civil war and precious few people clicked on it? That’s the situation Al Jazeera found itself in after Sunday’s anniversary. Online editor Barry Malone tries to make sense of it. (more…)

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Some tips for reporting on outlaw bikers

Peter Edwards of the Toronto Star has been writing about bad guys of various stripes for decades, but he has particularly built up some expertise in the world of one per cent bikers (the fraction that chooses to live outside the law).

Back on Feb. 1, he posted a list of pointers on how best to cover bikers. Here’s the first three. Read the full post:

  • Expect trouble if you’re interfering with ongoing business. These people take money seriously.
  • Also expect trouble if you make things personal. Try not to upset his wife or kids (Bikers are invariably male). Photographing a biker going in or out of a courthouse isn’t nearly as emotionally charged as photographing him going in or out of his family home. Try to keep things business-like.
  • If you feel the need to take surveillance photos, do it from a company car. You don’t need people checking your license plate and learning your home address.

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Canadian household debt hits new peak

From the Globe and Mail (“Household debt hits new high as country’s financial stability questioned“):

The debt burden among Canadians has hit a fresh record high as nagging household imbalances begin to feel the pinch of a new problem: Slower income growth. (more…)

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A raunchy term goes unrecognized in Juneau, Alaska

This tweet should be self-explanatory … if you’re sick like me.

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Google may start ranking sites on truthfulness, not popularity

From New Scientist (“Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links“):

The Internet is stuffed with garbage. Anti-vaccination websites make the front page of Google, and fact-free “news” stories spread like wildfire. Google has devised a fix – rank websites according to their truthfulness. (more…)

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