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America’s alt-right and Trump

Hillary Clinton took a hard run at Donald Trump today, saying he has “built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia” and linked him to a still-fringe ideology called alt-right.

And just what is the alt-right? (more…)

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Finland to run a basic income experiment

Finland wants to see if a tax-free monthly income of 560 Euros (about $816 Cdn) can help move people off welfare rolls and into employment. (more…)

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Buzzfeed splits into entertainment, news divisions

Buzzfeed is one of the must-watch companies in digital media, so its corporate restructuring that sees the New York-based firm divide up into an entertainment and news divisions is worth noting. (more…)

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Lynch’s Mulholland Drive favoured as top film of 21st century

BBC Culture polled 177 film critics from 36 countries to come up with the top 100 films of the 21st Century to date.

Placing number one on the list was director David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. (?!?!) (more…)

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Colombian government reaches peace deal with FARC

One of the world’s longest conflicts came to an end Wednesday when the government of Colombia reached a peace deal with the FARC rebel group in Havana, Cuba. (more…)

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Score one for Starbucks as overly-iced coffee lawsuit goes nowhere

I’d hoped it would be otherwise, but an California judge rejected a plaintiff’s claim that Starbucks’ iced coffees have too much ice in them at the expense of beverage. (more…)

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NPR ends website comments

National Public Radio in the United States has joined those media organizations who have decided to shut down online comments and seek audience feedback through social channels. (more…)

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A complete list of TIFF Midnight Madness titles

Back when I lived in Toronto, I used to attend the Toronto International Film Festival on a regular basis. The programme that had me drooling was Midnight Madness.

The screenings of wild and crazy films began at 11:59 p.m. Hong Kong chop-sockey; the mind-bending, if ghoulish, creativity of Japanese director Takashi Miike (IMO, the quintessential Midnight Madness filmmaker); and offbeat horror and action films too plentiful to mention.

If you want to scan film covers and discover some of these titles for yourself, Toronto Plex has created a complete list of Midnight Madness titles.


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Fraser Institute attacks NDP’s oilsands GHG cap

The Fraser Institute came out with a report critical of Alberta’s 100-megatonne cap on oilsands greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Surprise, surprise. (more…)

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Mixing a caipirinha


CBC Edmonton engaged in some excellent service journalism when it published a story on how to mix a caipirinha.

Make one on a very hot day. They’re delicious!

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