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Older workers and the long-term unemployed

The Globe and Mail published a story today about the depressing lot of the long-term unemployed, but danced around the issue of who gets hammered the worst — older workers.

I add a few thoughts of my own.


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A view from an ex-PMOer on social media and the news cycle

Andrew MacDougall is a former director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He argues in a commentary for that the Internet has hurt political reporting and increased spin. (more…)

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Wall Street sends Twitter’s share value down

Note a few tweets:


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The Toronto Star and its paywall

The Toronto Star released a story on its readership figures with the headline Toronto Star remains country’s most-read paper. Bravo! Well done!

Well, let’s take a closer look at the reported numbers, especially online. (more…)

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Deck shuffling in the newspaper skirmishes

The Toronto Star lost a reporter and two sports columnists to its competitors in recent days:

  • Robyn Doolittle has joined the Globe and Mail as an investigative reporter
  • Cathal Kelly is now the Globe’s lead sports columnist
  • Sports columnist Damien Cox left to join Sportsnet

J-Source posted a memo from Star EIC Michael Cooke who asked people to stay tuned.

On Easter Monday, the big reveal: The Star lured Bruce Arthur away from the National Post to be lead sports columnist.

Some called it a newspaper war. I begged to differ.


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I see by your tweets that you’re a lefty

This is a mildly disturbing little story from CANADALAND, the media criticism site of Jesse Brown. (more…)

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Global News offers buyouts to staff

Saw this on Twitter today:

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The news media’s lionization of Jim Flaherty

Former federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, a heavy hitter within the Conservative cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, died suddenly last Thursday of a massive heart attack.

Almost everyone went nuts about it, including the supposedly clear-eyed news media. (more…)

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Road to nowhere

A semi rolling down Highway 7 (from 'The Lost Highway' trailer)

A semi rolling down Highway 7 (from ‘The Lost Highway’ trailer)

A ribbon of asphalt called Highway 7 rolls through the scenic countryside of eastern Ontario, but there is precious little to see any more unless you’re a rural decay tourist.

But it proved to be surprisingly fertile ground for Toronto filmmakers Neil Graham and Derreck Roemer, who crafted a 74-minute examination of the area called The Lost Highway. (more…)

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Afghan cop shoots two AP journalists, one a Canadian

Kathy Gannon, 60, an Associated Press correspondent who had covered Afghanistan and Pakistan for about three decades, and AP photojournalist Anja Niedringhaus, 48, were out covering a routine story on Afghanistan’s elections.

But in Afghanistan, nothing is routine. Death and violence can rear themselves out of nowhere. (more…)

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