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The Toronto Star and its paywall

The Toronto Star released a story on its readership figures with the headline Toronto Star remains country’s most-read papaer. Bravo! Well done!

Well, let’s take a closer look at the reported numbers, especially the Web. (more…)

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I see by your tweets that you’re a lefty

This is a mildly disturbing little story from CANADALAND, the media criticism site of Jesse Brown. (more…)

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Global News offers buyouts to staff

Saw this on Twitter today:

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The news media’s lionization of Jim Flaherty

Former federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, a heavy hitter within the Conservative cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, died suddenly last Thursday of a massive heart attack.

Almost everyone went nuts about it, including the supposedly clear-eyed news media. (more…)

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Road to nowhere

A semi rolling down Highway 7 (from 'The Lost Highway' trailer)

A semi rolling down Highway 7 (from ‘The Lost Highway’ trailer)

A ribbon of asphalt called Highway 7 rolls through the scenic countryside of eastern Ontario, but there is precious little to see any more unless you’re a rural decay tourist.

But it proved to be surprisingly fertile ground for Toronto filmmakers Neil Graham and Derreck Roemer, who crafted a 74-minute examination of the area called The Lost Highway. (more…)

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Afghan cop shoots two AP journalists, one a Canadian

Kathy Gannon, 60, an Associated Press correspondent who had covered Afghanistan and Pakistan for about three decades, and AP photojournalist Anja Niedringhaus, 48, were out covering a routine story on Afghanistan’s elections.

But in Afghanistan, nothing is routine. Death and violence can rear themselves out of nowhere. (more…)

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Some dismaying markers for U.S. journalism

Shrinking news revenues and shrinking newsroom headcounts continue to cast a shadow over the U.S. news industry. (more…)

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‘Toronto Star’ reporter accepts apology from ZoomerMedia too

Daniel Dale, the Toronto Star reporter who withdrew a libel suit against Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford after receiving a formal apology, has now done the same against ZoomerMedia, which owns Vision TV. (more…)

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Mayor Ford’s formal apology accepted by ‘Toronto Star’ reporter

Reporter Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star tweeted that he accepts a second, more formal apology from Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford, in which Ford basically admits everything he told a TV show hosted by Conrad Black about Dale was a lie.

This means Dale will not pursue his lawsuit against Ford, although action may yet proceed against ZoomerMedia, whose Vision TV network that broadcast the offending episode of Zoomer TV.


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‘Toronto Star’ reporter to sue Mayor Ford over interview remarks

Daniel Dale's notice of libel being photographed by journalists on Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013 (Marcus Gee, Twitter)

Daniel Dale’s notice of libel being photographed by journalists on Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013 (Marcus Gee, Twitter)

Daniel Dale, deputy city hall bureau chief for the Toronto Star, had notices served Thursday on Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford and Vision TV.

If they don’t apologize, he intends to sue them for libel for remarks broadcast Monday in an interview between Ford and Conrad Black. (more…)

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