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The industry of keeping journos safe

A useful but not ground-breaking BBC piece:

Journalists' safety is top priority
By Peter Feuilherade
BBC Monitoring

In war zones and conflict areas across four continents, the number of journalists and media assistants killed has shot up in recent years.

In response, a “safety industry” has developed, with global newsgatherers and specialist training and counselling services all working together more systematically.

Most were deliberately targeted for seeking out the truth. And in 94% of cases, no one has been brought to trial

Chris Cramer
Insi honorary president

At the recent News Xchange broadcasting conference in Portugal, several sessions focused on the latest initiatives to protect staff and freelance journalists, in the field and back at base.

More than 100 journalists and support staff have died around the world this year, almost 20 more than in 2003.

The conflict in Iraq alone has claimed some 60 lives since March 2003.

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