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Cosgrove whacked by NP

Society gossip columnist Gillian Cosgrove has been dropped by the National Post after a Nov. 22 column on Gov.-Gen. Adrienne Clarkson. Since I don't wish to repeat potentially libelous statements, I won't say what that column was about. Here is the Globe and Mail's take: The National Post has dropped columnist Gillian Cosgrove after she wrote a controversial […]

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Journalists, interactivity and blogs

Over at Blog on Blog, Samantha Israel asked: How important is the reader-writer relationship? The greater the interaction, the greater the journalist? Or are blogs taking it too far? Here's my response (afterthoughts and corrections are in red): I think they can be bad for journalists if one grows too reliant on them. Blogs tend […]

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Primer now in theatres

Back in September, I got to do my first-ever interview with a real, live director: Shane Carruth, who created Primer. His film is now off the festival circuit and in theatres! Here's some links to a few reviews: Globe and Mail: Reel revelation *** In an industry that rewards special effects over raw substance, Primer is […]

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Bush arrested in Canada — sez Google News

I saw this link from via It's quite amusing. See for yourself. Cyberjournalist points to it as a classic example of why human editors still aren't obsolete. Anyway, the story is listed as coming from Axis of Logic, a left-wing news/opinion-collecting site. And yes, it was satirical. Here's the actual story: Canadians Authorities Arrest […]

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Galloway on his lawsuit

British MP George Galloway comments in The Guardian on his libel victory over conservative paper The Telegraph. It claimed to have found documents in post-April 9, 2003 Baghdad showing the anti-Iraq-war Galloway had received payments from the Iraq regime of Saddam Hussein. An excerpt: When the 17th-century republican Algernon Sidney spoke on Tower Hill before his beheading […]

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Bloggers and confidential sources

Eugene Volokh, a UCLA law professor who writes for the Volokh Conspiracy blog, asks some questions in an NYT op ed piece about what happens to protecting source confidentiality when everyone's a journalist. An excerpt: The best solution may be to borrow a principle from other privileges, like those for confidential communications to lawyers, psychotherapists and […]

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More on Peters case

Some more reaction and fallout from the case of Ken Peters, the Hamilton Spectator reporter found guilty of civil contempt of court: Peters was interviewed on CBC's As It Happens on Thursday night. The show's archives are available by clicking here. Globe and Mail: Judge rips into media Some excerpts: Dana Robbins, editor-in-chief at the […]

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