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A protest of one against … what exactly, I don't know

As I return home from afternoon errands, there is a boy, approximately aged six, sitting cross-legged on the sidewalk in full pout mode.

His red book bag is lying on a patch of grass about six feet behind him. He is surrounded by a four-person intervention team: a middle-aged woman, a guy in his mid-30s and two other kids.

“That's OK. If that's what you want to do, go ahead,” the guy repeatedly says. It's unclear whether he's a teacher or parental figure (the dramatic scene is very near a school), but he seems to feel the toughlove approach is warranted.

Everyone else looks very concerned and solicitously asks what the problem is. The kid burrows his chin even deeper into his chest (hmm: reminds me of myself at my age. :) ).

Maybe Mr. Toughlove has it right.

And that was the situation when I entered my own humble abode and left the crisis unfolding on the street behind.

If I hear sirens, I'll check and see if the poutester is being dragged off.

If he's still there two days from now, I guess we could assume this was not a snit over some trivial matter. :)

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