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Dan Gillmor to start citizen journalism venture

Dan Gillmor, author of  “We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People,” is going to practice what he has written about.

The veteran technology journalist wants to start a citizen journalism venture.

Here's his blog entry. And here's a quote from it:

 I hope to pull together something useful that helps enable — and demonstrates — the emerging grassroots journalism that I wrote about in my recent book. Something powerful is happening, it's in the early stages and I have a chance to help figure this out.

Here is a quote he gave this colleagues Matt Marshall and Mike Bazeley (they broke the story on their blog,

 The plan is typical Gillmor. It reflects his appreciation of the need for news to bubble up from the masses. It also allows him to partake of the dream that he has written so much about: The entrepreneur starting something interesting. “I’m jumping off a cliff with the expectation of assembling a hang-glider before I get to the bottom,” he told us this evening, in a phone call from Boston, where he is attending a conference at Harvard. “I figured the worst risk is that I’d be out of work in six months.”

Gillmor was a speaker at a blogging conference I attended in August. I was very impressed by his presentation. His book is terrific (I'm just finishing it).

OhmyNews in South Korea, the world's most wired country, is a citizen journalism-driven entity and apparently it's starting to make money. If someone has an entrepreneurial streak in them, perhaps this is a good time to pursue the opportunity.

Here's a Guardian article on OhmyNews: Hack of all trades

And here's one from This Magazine: You be the reporter

Here's a column by J.D. Lasica in the Online Journalism Review on participatory journalism. Actually, here's another.

Also on OJR, Mark Glaser wrote The New Voices: Hyperlocal Citizen Sites Want You (to Write!)

I suspect this won't be my last post on the broader topic of citizen-driven journalism.

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