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My first Wiki entry!

I’m feeling a little like the apeman in the opening scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey tonight: I made a wiki entry! Woo-hoo!

(Trust me: I do understand that appearing excited about a relatively minor accomplishment like that has a strong whiff of the pathetic about it.)

Anyway, it was for, about Gary Webb, a journalist who was found dead of apparent suicide. Eight years ago, he was viciously discredited by the national U.S. MSM for Dark Alliance — a series that explored the link between the CIA-created Contras of Nicaragua and the crack cocaine trade in Los Angeles in the 1980s.

As you may have noticed, I was fairly cranked that Webb’s grave was figuratively pissed on by some of the outlets who dissed¬†him in 1996-97, but they never mentioned a 1998 Esquire article that did a good job of defending Webb and his work.

What I found magical about making an addition to the wiki was the feeling of being part of a collective intelligence. It combines two of the best aspects of the web: interactivity and community.

Now I want to start one! :)

Wed, December 15 2004 » Main Page, Media