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The Take

Argentina's been back in the news again. The New York Times had a Dec. 26 story entitled Argentina's Economic Rally Defies Forecasts.

The story was about 1,300 words long, and didn't use any of them to talk about the workers' co-operatives that sprang up as a result of the country's economic meltdown in late 2001. That's why you need films like The Take.

Filmmakers, activists and couple Avi Lewis, host of the now-defunct Counterspin on CBC Newsworld, and Naomi Klein — author of No Logo, considered by some to be the antiglobalization bible — took their act on the road when they heard of the rise of these economic squatters who operated under the motto “Occupy, Resist, Produce.”

They arrived in the early winter of 2003, focusing on the struggle of workers at the Forja auto parts plant to take control of the abandoned facility.

More later … (goin' to watch hockey!)

Addendum: Why I bothered watching Canada thrash Germany 9-0 is something I can't explain. Shudda kept blogging. Anyway …

The film opens with shots of factories turned into industrial wastelands.

When the economic crisis hit, Argentina became a poor country almost overnight, although its recession actually started before the debt default and currency devaluation.

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