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Top 10 cool 'Net tools as picked by J-Net

Journalismnet, if you
don't know about it, is a deep resource for journalists, helping them
make the best  research use of the Internet. The site was
created by author and consultant Julien Sher.

Here's his top 10 list for cool Internet tools for 2004:

  • Google Deskbar The deskbar allows you to search using Google, even when your browser isn't
    running.You can preview search results in a small inset window that
    closes automatically. It's similar but more versatile than the Google Toolbar and Google Buttons
  • Google Desktop The best search engine on the web can now be used to search your files and emails on your own computer.
  • Columbia Newsblaster
    Every night, the system crawls a series of Web sites, downloads
    articles, groups them together into “clusters” about the same topic,
    and summarizes each cluster. Today's Front Pages
    The Newseum provides you with a great peek at the front pages of 34
    world papers. You can see what they look like in living colour — and
    then check out their web home page if you want more..
  • Reuters Feedroom Watch the latest TV news from Reuters News — top world stories, business and entertainment.
  • BBC Radio Player
    The best radio news network in the world now offers an easy, free
    player that allows you to choose from dozens of its top World Service
  • Daypop is trying to become the Google of blogs, those increasingly-popular web diaries.
  • Feedreader One of the simplest of the new breed of news readers
  • Clusty
    JNet has long been promoting the new technology of clustering – the
    ability of search engines to group your results into folders of
    connected subjects of topics.
  • A new search engine that uses Google, but gives you plenty of extras.

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