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'Never retire'

Retiring NYT columnist William Safire, 75, offers some sage advice — don't retire. Change. An excerpt: Here's why I'm outta here: In an interview 50 years before, the aging adman Bruce Barton told me something like Watson's advice about the need to keep trying something new, which I punched up into “When you're through changing, you're […]

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D-e-e-ear Johnny:

This is a lovely letter written from Steve Martin to Johnny Carson, who — unless you're totally out of the pop culture loop — I'm sure you know died Sunday. An excerpt: DEAR JOHNNY, This letter comes a little late. I remember seeing the tape of my first appearance on your show, on a home […]

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Bill argues with self about casual hell

Over the last two nights, I've made some posts to CAJ-L on being stuck in casual hell as a journalist — the worst shifts, the worst work and the least security. For the hell of it, I argued the pro and the con sides in different posts. It was actually an offshoot of a thread […]

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