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Israel blames rising UK anti-Semitism on media

Complaining about Israel's treatment of Palestinians and likening it to a “Nazi state” is behind the rise in attacks on Jews in the UK, Israeli officials claim.

Here's an excerpt from the Guardian (reg. req.):

Britain suffered the sharpest rise in anti-semitic attacks of any country last year, and British press coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a leading cause, according to an Israeli government report.

Natan Sharansky, the cabinet minister responsible for the diaspora, said the report found that violent attacks on Jews in Britain rose by almost half.

The government's global forum against anti-semitism, which wrote the report, said France again topped the list of anti-semitic violence with 96 attacks, but the number in Britain rose sharply to 77.

The total number of incidents in Britain rose to 304 from 163 a year earlier when verbal assaults, damage to property and swastikas daubing were taken into account. The report has been relased as Israel focuses on anti-semitism to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

Mr Sharansky attributed the British figures to “years of hostile reporting and commentary about Israel in the British press now spilling into the streets”.

His officials singled out the Guardian and the BBC, accusing them of “likening Israel to a Nazi state”. The Independent was also criticised.

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