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Protesters support Moroccan paper's tsunami 'interpretation'

A newspaper in Morocco has written that the tsunamis were divine retribution for the licentious ways and sex tourism industry of southeast and south Asia.

This had thousands of people in the streets — endorsing that view, or at least the paper's right to hold it.

An excerpt from the BBC story:

The comments have provoked outrage among human rights groups and rival political parties.

But the protesters defended the newspaper's right to express its views.

The Attajdid newspaper said that Morocco could face a similar disaster to the devastating tidal wave if it did not stamp out immorality.

The articles have been condemned on Moroccan television and have prompted calls for censorship of the press.

The PJD said that 5,000 people took to the streets of the capital, Rabat, in support of the party.

A counter-demonstration called by human rights groups failed to materialise.

The BBC's Pascal Harter says there is widespread fear among moderate Moroccans that support for radical Islamic opinions is growing.

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