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Blogger behind the Gomery leak

A Minneapolis call centre manager and Star Trek fan is the man who has broken the ban on the Gomery Inquiry testimony of Montreal ad executive Jean Brault.

An excerpt from the Globe and Mail story:

Ed Morrissey — Captain Ed to his friends — published on the weekend what no Canadian is allowed to print or broadcast. On his Internet blog, he posted testimony before the Gomery commission that is subject to a publication ban.

Yesterday, after the story of his blogging exploits broke in the Canadian media, Mr. Morrissey saw the traffic on his website increase tenfold as Canadians clicked on to read the testimony from Quebec ad executive Jean Brault.

By midday, 131,000 people had visited the site. In just one hour before lunchtime, he had 26,000 hits and by the end of the day he estimated he was on track for about 300,000 hits, many from Canadians. He averages 22,000 visits a day.

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