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Fall's here and I feel fine

The last great night of the extended summer of 2005 was Thursday, which I spent trying to unsuccessfully catch a salmon at Bronte Creek.

But even on Wednesday, one of the last mid-20s days, the patio scene on College St. — normally the stuff of line-ups — had died down substantially.

Perhaps even the scenesters had subconsciously and collectively decided: “Enough. Patio season is done.”

For now, I don't miss the summery weather, and I appreciate the extra colour that's coming out now — like a final burst of fireworks at the end of a summer holiday evening.

One huge judgment error, however: Monday was the day The Big Chill closes, which meant free ice cream in exchange for a charity donation.

Last year, this was a source of angst because I had to choose between my two flavour favourites. This year, I reminded myself, reminded myself, reminded myself … and then when the big day came, completely forgot about it.


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