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Vanity Fair article to dish new dirt on Miller

Seth Mnookin, author of Hard News — an account of the Jayson Blair saga at the NYT — will have a feature on the Judith Miller case in next week's Vanity Fair.

Some excerpts from the Editor and Publisher article about it:

One of the fresh scoops in the piece, which is titled, “Unreliable Sources,” concerns Sulzberger barring Times reporters from talking to Russell Lewis, the former president and CEO of The New York Times Co., when they were working on their extensive report on Miller going to jail and then testifying before the Plame grand jury.

Mnookin relates that according to sources, when the reporters pressed Sulzberger on why he did that, he replied with a laugh and a quip: “Because I don't know what the f—he's going to tell you.” (Earlier this year Lewis co-authored with Sulzberger a Times Op-Ed piece championing Miller's cause)

Miller wasn't a paragon of co-operation for the article. Here's a snippet from NYT reporter Don Van Nata, who was part of the team that investigated Miller:

He came to believe that what Miller was saying at the time was so “preposterous” she must be “saving it all for a book.” …

Mnookin hits Sulzberger hard with quotes from various unnamed Times people, who say things like, “Post-Howell, Arthur and Judy were both looking at resurrecting their reputations. And Arthur was so oblivious he didn't care about the repercussions.”

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