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Woo-hoo: A Santarchy rampage!

This is a catch-up post from the weekend, but if you didn't hear about the Santa rampage in Auckland, N.Z., please, read on!

An excerpt from the AP story on

A group of 40 people dressed in Santa Claus outfits, many of them drunk, went on a rampage through Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, robbing stores, assaulting security guards and urinating from highway overpasses, police said Sunday.

The rampage, dubbed Santarchy by local newspapers, began early Saturday afternoon when the men, wearing ill-fitting Santa costumes, threw beer bottles and urinated on cars from an overpass, said Auckland Central Police spokesman Noreen Hegarty.

She said the men then rushed through a central city park, overturning garbage containers, throwing bottles at passing cars and spraying graffiti on office buildings.

One man climbed the mooring line of a cruise ship before being ordered down by the captain. Other Santas, objecting when the man was arrested, attacked security staff who were later treated by paramedics, Hegarty said.

These people were associated with a movement called Santarchy, which protests the commercialization of Christmas. Here's their brand-new logo:

Here is an update from the website on the Auckland debacle:

Hello from Auckland, New Zealand, the international home of Santarchy!!!

Despite the moodiness on national radio over here, I assume you lot are stoked at the free publicity!

Santarchy in Auckland has been going for 6 years over here, and rather than being clueness idiots, we are hunky and sensible and it was more a case of a few bad eggs poisoning the eggnog…

There was some major misreporting and chinese whispers. Breaking bottles and urinating under a bridge, became throwing rocks at buses and urinating on cars from an overpass.

The ‘organisers’ as they were, saw little in the way of crime other than one santa attempting to board a foreign vessel by scaling 20 metres along a rope 60 feet in the air. The difficulty and motor skills involved in this task alone should be a defense in itself of being “drunk” and “disorderly”.

We expect to be fully vindicated by a documentary screening on Sky One in New Zealand on Christmas Eve.

We would certainly appreciate a little more unity and understanding between Santas and ask not to be judged on the behaviour of a few.

Lots of love,

Here's a Santarchy mini-FAQ:

Santarchy! Mini-FAQ

1. Santarchy! is an archive only. No Santacon planning is done using this website and we do not have any direct involvement with any specific Santacon event.

2. If you are looking for Santacon planning info, try contacting your local lodge of The Cacophony Society or the Santacon and Santarchy tribes.

3. We do not condone or encourage any kind of vandalism or violence at a Santacon event. Our santas do not destroy property, steal merchandise or do harm to others.

4. Santarchy is not a movement, that's what you do in the bathroom. In addition to that, the annual Santacon events are not anti- Christmas or anti-commercialism protests. Really, it's just a bunch of santas getting together to have a good time. It's amazing how clueless the media can be. How about some fact checking?

5. We do not provide any stock images or video footage for sale and all images on this website are copyright of their owners.

6. If you came here looking for Chuck Palahniuk, he's the one drinking cheap tequila over here.

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