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New global survey says TV still No. 1 for news, but online gaining fast

The Beeb, Reuters and The Media Center had a firm name Globescan do a 10,000-person survey for them. I found the results interesting but confirmatory.

An excerpt from the BBC story:

Overall, the 10-country survey suggested that TV was the most important source of news for most.

But a look at how young people are consuming media raises questions over how long TV will remain a dominant force.

Graph showing importance of internet as a source of news

The tech-savvy youth are moving away from traditional news outlets – seen as irrelevant to their lives – and turning to alternative sources to shape their view of the world.

The poll shows a growing trend among the young, who are less likely to get their news from television or newspapers, and instead rely more on the internet.

One in five of those aged between 18 and 24 cited online sources as their first choice for news. This contrasts with just 3% of those aged between 55 and 64.

Moreover, the ability to go online and find out about the world was most important to the young.

Of those questioned, 71% of 18 to 24-year-olds said they valued the opportunity to get their news using internet or wireless technologies.

Online society

This challenge to the mainstream media is more prominent in societies where the internet is virtually ubiquitous.

South Koreans watching TV
Television: 41%
Internet: 34%
Newspapers: 19%
Radio: 4%
Other: 2%
Source: Globescan

The results from South Korea, where according to recent figures 86% of households are online, offer a startling wake-up call.

The supremacy of TV is in danger of being usurped by the internet. A third of Koreans cite the net as their most important source of news, rivalling the 41% who cite TV.

It is also one of the most positive countries about blogs, with 38% trusting them compared to the 10-country average of 25%.

The question is how far South Korea represents the future. But it is one of the most advanced online societies and this is the direction the rest of the world is going.

There's a related story: 'Media holds it own in trust poll'.

Here's the full document (.pdf).

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