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'Canes capture the Cup! — predicts magazine

It's such a hassle waiting for events to run their course. Would the magazine business be more convenient if you could just predict what's going to happen? That's basically the story with Beckett Hockey, a publication aimed at sports collectibles junkies. Here's an excerpt from the CP story on The issue had to be […]

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Why waste time reviewing TFTF: Toyko Drift?

My guess is that pretty much every film critic on this continent will sneering at the latest installment of The Fast and the Furious franchise, which opens today. And while the barrage may warn off some extremely unsophisticated older movie-goers who might not know what's going on, it won't mean shit to the film's core audience: Kids who love fast […]

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They're alive!

As you could tell, my last post about the Edmonton Oilers wasn't optimistic. However, my hopes were raised when I blinked 15.98 seconds into Game 5 with the Carolina Hurricanes, only to open them and find the Oilers ahead 1-0 after Chris Pronger blasted one from the point. In the last five minutes of the third period, […]

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