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Unlucky 13 for Scolari

Luiz Felipe Scolari, Portugal's coach, had won 12 straight matches in World Cup competition. However, France prevailed on this day, winning 1-0 one a first-half penalty kick by France's veteran Zinedine Zidane. Portugual's goalkeeper Ricardo guessed right, but the shot was hard and perfectly placed. Portugal had chances, but the poor shooting that haunted them against […]

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‘Road to Guantanamo’: a provokudrama that doesn’t provoke nearly enough

I don’t know if this is the typical response of people who have seen Road to Guantanamo, but I still don’t have a satisfactory answer to this crucial question: What the fuck were you Tipton Three guys doing in Afghanistan with the war underway?!?! And that’s too bad, for it’s the entire reason for this tragedy.

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