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Fox gives real axe to fake news show

From the NYT:

Anyone looking for evidence that liberals are funnier than conservatives might be tempted to point to the demise of Fox News Channel’s “1/2 Hour News Hour,” the network’s answer to left-wing news parodies like “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central.

Last week, Fox decided not to renew the show, saying it was too expensive to produce. The last episode will air on Sept. 16.

“It’s a financial issue,” said the executive producer, Joel Surnow, best known as the co-creator of Fox’s “24.” “It’s a very expensive show by their standards. It has to make business sense before anything else.” …

Mr. Surnow warned against using the show’s demise to infer that conservatives are not funny.

“I think there’s room for great satire and great comedy from either side of the aisle,” he said. “Hypocrisy and hysteria are in both camps, and they should always be taken down a notch.”

Mon, August 20 2007 » Main Page, Media