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My Blogware tantrum continues

I sent the following e-mail on Wednesday afternoon to one Jacqueline Cook, marketing director at Tucows:

For the past month, the 'dashboard' on Blogware has worked intermittently for me at best. It's been down for 12-hour stretches, and for days at a time.
There are all types of other technical problems making my blog an absolute pain to use.
Talking to others and the reseller, it's not just me.
Blogware or Tucows haven't posted one word of explanation about this totally unacceptable situation.
I'm flabbergasted you people want to toss away your reputation like this, but that's your choice.
When my current subscription expires, I'm moving on.
Bill Doskoch
Toronto, ON

Two business days and more than three hours later, not a word in response. Can you say “lack of customer service focus,” Billy? Arggh, captain, I can.

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