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The return of Stewart and Colbert

It’s now past my bedtime, but The A Daily Show and the Colbert Report are back on the air — sort of.

From the AP story via

“‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ is a show we do with our very creative team of field producers and correspondents and studio people and, of course, our writers,” he said, then added with pointed irony, “From now on, until the end of the strike, we’ll be doing ‘A Daily Show with Jon Stewart.’ But not ‘THE Daily Show.'”

Following Stewart’s show, “The Colbert Report” host Stephen Colbert apologized to his audience for a technical snafu.

“I got a problem here,” snapped Colbert in his most indignant tone. “There are no words on my (Tele)prompter.”

Refusing to concede that writers are required to provide his “commentaries,” Colbert declared, “My understanding is, this little magic box (the Teleprompter) reads my thoughts and lays them up on the screen for me to read to the audience.”

His director advised him the words would have had to be furnished by staff writers.

“The writers!” Colbert scoffed. “The guys on the fourth floor with the opium bongs, playing Guitar Hero all day! I find that a bit of a stretch.”

“I don’t like unions,” railed Colbert, whose on-air persona is a right-wing blowhard, “and I don’t need writers. Which brings me to tonight’s Word” — a favorite feature of the show. But Colbert was quickly mortified: There was no word. That would have required a writer.

From the NYT:

Mr. Stewart closed Monday night’s show as he does every episode — with a “throw” to Mr. Colbert, who joined him electronically from his studio, several blocks away in Manhattan. As he appeared by remote at Monday’s taping of the “The Colbert Report,” Mr. Stewart found Mr. Colbert hovered over a shredder on his anchor desk, appearing to destroy any evidence of the evening’s script.  …

Before the taping, Mr. Colbert told the studio audience: “I just want to say before we begin, ‘I love my writers. I think they’re great. I can’t wait for them to come back.’ ”

He closed his show by saying, on camera: “Writers, I’ll see you in my dreams.”

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