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Meet Jon Stewart’s researcher’s Mathew Ingram offers some morsels on The Daily Show’s Adam Chodikoff, who was recently profiled in Women’s Wear Daily:

Explaining why he prefers print over the Web, (Chodikoff)┬ácites a scene from the movie Back to School, when Rodney Dangerfield asks his son why he’s buying used books. “He says, ‘Because they’re already underlined, see?’ And Rodney says, ‘But that guy could have been a maniac.’ And that’s the problem with the Internet.”

Instead of relying on Web sources, Chodikoff watches C-SPAN, reads the transcripts from White House press conferences and briefings, calls the Joint Committee on Taxation when he has a question and otherwise engages in hard-nosed, reporterly research. He just happens to do it in the service of humour rather than outright journalism – which is a good thing, given how large a proportion of young TV viewers say they rely on The Daily Show for their news.

Wed, October 22 2008 » Main Page, Media