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Felony conviction doesn't hurt Conrad's writing career

From Patricia Best's blog at

Conrad Black is enjoying a flourishing journalistic renaissance from the confines of his Florida prison – though he's not making money from it because that would be against U.S. prison rules. He's made two noteworthy authorial appearances on a hot, new website called The Daily Beast, run by former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown. His first column – on how John McCain missed his chance to take political control of the financial meltdown ran Oct. 17. His second, on Franklin Delano Roosevelt (the subject of his last book), appeared last week and was reprinted in The Globe and Mail.

But it doesn't end there: In the latest issue of the Literary Review of Canada, Lord Black contributes a densely packed two-page article on Margaret Atwood's book Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth. Lord Black uses the review to wave his large literary and historical database, while praising Ms. Atwood's book as “learned but never pedantic or turgid” and herself as “an elegant stylist with a fine sense of humour.” At one point in the article, Lord Black offers that “I do not hold myself out as an authority on the Middle Ages, and I am not now in a place that facilitates the study of them.” Ha, ha.

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