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A turning point in the War on Unfair Satire?

From AP via

Jeff Zucker, the chief executive of NBC Universal, called comedian Jon Stewart’s attacks on business network CNBC “incredibly unfair.”

At a media conference Wednesday in New York, Zucker said the “Daily Show” host’s recent criticisms of CNBC, its “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer and business media in general were “completely out of line.”

Stewart has had strong words for CNBC on his Comedy Central show, arguing that journalists who cover Wall Street should have done more to warn of the financial meltdown through critical reporting, instead of acting like market cheerleaders.

Zucker said while interviewed on a stage by BusinessWeek that while “everyone wants to find a scapegoat,” to suggest that the business media or CNBC was responsible for the economic meltdown is “absurd.”

A Comedy Central spokeswoman said the channel had no comment.

Let’s hope this broadside leads to fairer satire in the future.

Thu, March 19 2009 » Main Page, Media