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CBC goes outside again to hire new head

From (posted April 28)

Former BBC News editor Rachel Nixon has been appointed director of digital media for CBC News, the CBC announced Tuesday.

A journalist with a print background, Nixon joined the BBC in 1998 and held a host of different positions at the British public broadcaster over the next nine years, including serving as an online journalist, producer and editor.

Though she had a stint as a television news producer for BBC Four, Nixon spent the majority of her time in the online realm, leading the BBC News website's coverage of international stories such as the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, U.S. election coverage and the war in Iraq.

Nixon has been working in Vancouver as global editor for NowPublic, “participatory” news network:

“NowPublic, for me, was a really interesting challenge. I had spent a long time at an established media organization and I really wanted to see what was happening in the start-up world,” she said.

“Established media don't have the monopoly on news anymore. It's really important to involve the audience and to listen them, listen to their opinions on what is important … and to use that to inform your own view of what is happening in the world. You can really get outside the traditional news agenda by taking a view of what the audience thinks.”

She replaces Jonathan Dube, who beetled out of the CBC and back across the U.S. border from whence he came to become vice-president of

See this Aug. 20, 2008 post: Dube takes his leave.

One question I'd have is whether it's a disadvantage at to be a lifer there if you aspire to the executive-level jobs.

The honchos seem to like outside glamour hires (merely mentioning the BBC makes many CBCers wet).

I have no idea whether Nixon will turn out to be a great hire or if it will make any difference. I suspect the CBC likes to hire visionaries who are willing to do things the way they've always been done. :)

And she will be working for an arch-competitor of my employer, so there's an upper ceiling on how much good luck I'm willing to wish her.

She's on Twitter: @rachelnixon.

Follows 553, is followed by 707 at this writing. Appears to converse online. Responded once when I tweeted something at her. Haven't seen many tweets about the business that blew me away.

Is married to UBC j-prof Alfred Hermida, another ex-BBC onliner.

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