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My one tenuous link to someone who’s been on ‘The Daily Show’

Someone I briefly worked with in Cambodia more than a decade ago was a Monday night guest on The Daily Show.

Gretchen Peters worked for some time in Pakistan as a correspondent for the Associated Press and producer for ABC News, although she’s now back in the U.S. (“I think when you’ve written a book about terrorists and drug traffickers, it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge”). She’s written a book called Seeds of Terror, which explores the link between the heroin trade and funding of Islamist militants in the region.

You can see the interview here. And here are some screen grabs:

The Peters I knew relished have a tough-reporter-chick persona. In the image at above right, I snapped her right after she said the following:

“I was just walking down by Ground Zero earlier today and I wanna get those motherfuckers.”

It would appear she still relishes having a tough-reporter-chick persona. Thing is, she really is a tough reporter chick.

Hey Globe and Mail types, she touted one of your paper’s articles — the one about the deputy counter-narcotics minister who is himself alleged to be involved in the drug trade.

Anyways, good on Peters for producing a book on a critically important topic.

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