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CBC taps Galloway to host <em>Metro Morning</em>

Matt Galloway, who replaced Avril Benoit on CBC Radio's Here and Now, will now be the host of top-rated Metro Morning when Andy Barrie takes his leave on March 1.

When Galloway opened his broadcast on Monday, he said one item would be on shifting one's circadian rhythms. :)

Galloway is a very capable CBC broadcaster who's been a regular fill-in on Metro Morning. A Globe and Mail article said he's 39, but he has the advantage of sounding younger.

What I think gave Barrie an edge was his time in the private trenches in Montreal and Toronto. It was a good mixture of private-radio testosterone with public radio values.

Galloway is much … nicer.

We'll see how he does as a full-time host.

Tue, February 9 2010 » Main Page, Media