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Whiny Brits, bitchy Canadians

Some British Olympics correspondents have already declared the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics to be the worst ever.

A veteran Canadian journo who dates back to the 1988 Games in Calgary fires back — but two others think Vancouver’s detractors have a point.

This story has a lot of details, but I’ll excerpt:

The Olympics, according to the Times, make a “global statement about a host city and its nation. For the Canadian hosts, the statement they had intended to make was tied up less in infrastructure and more in hard-nosed competitive edge; they pretty much told the world that they wanted to win medals more than friends.”*

* The Feb. 16 article was headlined, “Canada salvages gold from wreckage of tarnished Vancouver Olympics

Ouch. And it’s just been downhill, so to speak, from there.

The Times declared that the Games “appear to have been cursed” and organizers are wringing their hands as the competition “staggers from one crisis to another.” …

On Monday, a headline in the Guardian newspaper screamed: “Vancouver Games continue downhill slide from disaster to calamity.” Underneath the headline was a prediction that the 2010 Winter Games could go down as the “worst in Olympic history.”

Reporter Lawrence Donegan criticized the organizers’ decision to hold events at Cypress Mountain, a location known for spotty weather. The rains have left organizers no choice but to refund thousands of tickets to snowboarding events because viewing platforms would be too unstable.

Donegan also mocked the malfunctioning hydraulics system that left one of four cauldrons surrounding the Olympic flame to remain buried underground during Friday’s opening ceremonies.

Indeed, the endless series of calamities has led a writer on U.S. online magazine to “fire” Canada as Olympic Games host in a humorous, but pointed, post.

Allow me to introduce you to the response of Don Martin, a veteran columnist whti the Calgary Herald and National Post, who penned a dyspeptic column entitled, “Britain’s Viagra brigade whines right on time“:

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