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Technical difficulties

An amusing reporter freakout: (thanks, Michael!) More at this Mashable post.

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Toronto Calling

From The Globe and Mail: Toronto Calling is an exhibit of photos by Torontonians Simon and Nick White, non-professional photographers who shot as fans from the front rows of the punk revolution. One of the featured shots of the exhibit, showing at the Steam Whistle Brewery, is the snarling image of the Clash’s Joe Strummer, […]

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UN wants IPCC process reviewed

From the BBC: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has asked the world’s science academies to review work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Work will be co-ordinated by the Inter-Academy Council, which brings together bodies such as the UK’s Royal Society. The IPCC has been under pressure over errors in its last major assessment […]

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The Pulitzer Prize-winning ‘National Enquirer’?

It could happen. The grand old dame of celebrity tabloids is in competition based on its work on the John Edwards love-child scandal. At the story’s genesis, Edwards was in pursuit of the U.S. Democratic party’s presidential nomination. He seemed to have the perfect marriage with his wife Elizabeth. What an ideal target. So good, […]

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