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Barbara Budd leaving ‘As It Happens’


Barbara Budd, longtime co-host of CBC Radio One’s nightly telephone call-out news magazine As it Happens, is calling it quits.

She announced her departure on air Monday night at the conclusion of the program, giving no reason for her decision or any indication of her future plans.

“I’m announcing I’m leaving As it Happens,” said Budd, a veteran co-host of the famous program since 1993. “And my final show will be on April 30.

“We all learned something this year: we might not be able to own the podium, but it sure is to thrilling to be given the use of one for 17 years.”

Sad news. Budd’s a great broadcaster and was a key personality on AIH. I wish her well in whatever future endeavour she chooses.

Mon, March 29 2010 » Main Page, Media