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Salutin’s time nears an end at the ‘Globe and Mail’

Apparently Rick Salutin will not be a part of the new Globe and Mail that will be unveiled Friday.

The leftist writer will be replaced by Irshad Manji, according to this article at (seen via Antonia Zerbisias on Facebook).

Update: Two other reported casualties are Tabatha Southey and Lisan Jutras

The same article says that according to the Globe, Salutin may be back as an occasional contributor.

Fellow leftist writer Murray Dobbin went bananas over this news:

That the Globe would fire him is indicative of the final stage of the Canadian political and economic elite’s betrayal of the country’s traditions and values.

David Beers, editor of The Tyee, suggested it was because Salutin had been critical of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Toronto mayoral candidate Rob Ford:

 Why did The Globe and Mail fire Rick Salutin? Without a better answer from the newspaper’s brass, we’re left to read Salutin’s last two columns and ponder how power behaves when the politics of fear, and those who wield them deftly, are ascendant.

Oh brother. I’d like to see a bit more evidence of the cravenness by the Globe and Mail’s leadership in the face of the politics of fear before I buy into that statement.

Here was Thursday’s editorial: The coalition of 2010 is Stephen Harper’s fantasyI didn’t interpret it as a grovelling buy-in to the politics of fear.

My initial reaction was this, posted to Facebook:

Is it really a tragedy that after 20 years, Rick Salutin will no longer be writing for the Globe and Mail? After all, I’m sure you’ll be able to find his musings at

I think the bigger issue is they are replacing him with Irshad Manji, who I don’t find that impressive.

It’s unfortunate that Salutin’s regular gig will come to an end, but editors have to periodically examine their offerings.

That being said, I think it would be unfortunate on many levels if the Globe doesn’t continue to regularly offer views from the Canadian left on its commentary pages. I subscribe to the paper. If I saw it becoming more of a National Post-type of newspaper, I might not.

Can’t say that the offering of Manji will make me pick up the Friday version with greater eagerness than having Salutin on the op-ed page.

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