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Hurting Toronto

I wrote a Saturday feature for Economic cracks show in Toronto as election looms. The basic thrust is that Toronto’s economic recovery since the recession has been very uneven. If you were a blue-collar goods-producing worker, you may have lost your job. If you found one again, it’s probably a much-lower-paying gig in the […]

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Toronto Star public editor on the Williams photo

The Toronto Star ran a photo of convicted murderer Russell Williams in a young girl’s underwear, juxtaposed with a photo of him in the dress┬ámilitary garb he once wore as commander of CFB Trenton. Kathy English, the Star’s public editor, thinks the paper made the right call, despite the outcry.

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‘Murder she wrote: In 140 characters or less’

The Toronto Star’s Antonia Zerbias has her own take on the challenges of covering gruesome court cases with new tools such as Twitter. Mine came on Oct. 20: Covering the unthinkable in a social media age Here’s a quote from Zerbisias’s piece. The source is Joanna Smith, the Ottawa-based Star reporter who covered the Russell […]

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