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Catching up with Sun TV

No criminal charges over Kory Teneycke’s boyish games involving the poll, and what a whopper of a poorly-reported story by the Guardian on “Fox News North.”

First, the Guardian:

The incredibly wrong Guardian story on the Sun TV cable channel bid and Rupert Murdoch

The incredibly wrong Guardian story on the Sun TV cable channel bid and Rupert Murdoch

 Note the prominent play of the correction, right above the first paragraph:

Correction, 9 November 2010: This story about a bid to establish a new TV station in Canada by Sun TV modelled on the lines of the US station, Fox News, incorrectly suggested that Rupert Murdoch has a stake in the Canadian company. Sun TV is owned by Quebecor Media Inc.

Rupert Murdoch’s attempt to establish a US-style, rightwing “Fox News North” in Canada – to be called Sun TV News – has been halted for the moment. Sun TV applied to the Canadian Radio- television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in June for Category 1 broadcast rights, which carry a requirement that the signal must be transmitted across the country by all cable and satellite companies. If granted, this designation also means sharing in lucrative subscriber fees

The Globe and Mail’s Susan Krashinsky wrote:

There hasn’t been this much confusion over the Sun TV News debate since Snuffleupagus signed the petition against it. …

Though factually inaccurate, the piece does give The Guardian an excuse to run a jaunty photo of a group of Mounties on horseback. …

The article prompted CRTC commissioner Timothy Denton to leave a comment on the site calling the report “factually wrong in every respect.”

“The CRTC will hold hearings, probably before Christmas 2010, on the application by Sun TV for a category 2 cable television licence. That is my current information,” he wrote.

Anyways, back to the petition. From the Canadian Press story by Bruce Cheadle:

 A criminal investigation is not warranted into a complaint about phoney names on an online petition targeting Sun TV, police said Monday.

The decision by the Ottawa Police Service came after it reviewed the formal complaint by an international advocacy group that’s opposing the proposed new right-wing, all-news channel., a New York-based group run by a Canadian, complained to Ottawa police and the RCMP in September that someone had attempted to undermine its petition by submitting “fraudulent signatures” — including those of a number of actual parliamentary reporters and their real email addresses.

The RCMP left the assessment of the complaint up to Ottawa police.

“It was decided it was not going to be treated as a criminal offence,” Ottawa Const. J.P. Vincelette told The Canadian Press.

Teneycke, being a combative Harperite, had ridiculed the Avaaz petition. According to Avaaz, the entire list wasn’t public and that all the fake names came from a single IP address in Ottawa.

According to CP, Teneycke claimed a “prankster” had tipped him off. But as soon as Avaaz went to the police, Teneycke resigned from Quebecor.

For more background, see this Sept. 15 post: ‘Quebecor Media Inc. Announces the Departure of Mr. Kory Teneycke, Vice President, Development’

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