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Amanda Lindhout’s time in hell

Amanda Lindhout, the journalist who spent 15 months as the captive of Somalian bandits, is holding back on some of the details about her experience (book coming out). She was freed on Nov. 25, 2009. (h/t to Mungo)

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Oh, to be an Irish tabloid headline writer

Saw this in the Twitter feed of Doug Saunders today: I just checked. In 140 years, the Globe and Mail has never used “Gobshites” in a front-page headline. Just wait. This is what he speaks of: David Akin collected a few other choice Irish media tidbits on the financial crisis. Addendum A Nov. 24 […]

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Was introduced to some new/old garage rock

I love garage rock from the mid-1960s. Heard a band tonight that sounds like that era, but actually recorded in the 1980s. That band would be Thee Headcoats. Here’s a few songs I pulled together: Thee Headcoats, ‘Comanche’ - Thee Headcoats, ‘Something Went Wrong Again’ – Rain Parade, ‘This Can’t Be Today’ - United […]

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