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Blog comment spam that’s a cut above the rest!

Found the following unapproved comments this morning. They amused me. Hopefully, they will amuse you:

For Just looking at this will make you fat: This is one of the most compelling article I ever studied in a long time, I’m speaking about this section of your post …… it also made me recall about the day I ran across my long time friend.

For iPhone accessories: I can certify that your headline iphone accessories bill doskoch: media, bps*, film, minutiae is like wow, the only thing I can tell is just keep writing.

For Don’t forget, Mr. Rusbridger, that Twitter has weaknesses: Some idiots just don’t realize, like my girlfriend who couldn’t figure the practical substance of this section on your post . Like I said, Twitter is driven by the same forces that drive

For Ever wanted to fly over London? : Some individuals just don’t get it, like my nephew who couldn’t visualise the objective substance of this section on your article …… this is it, you just nailed it down buddy.

For When reporting can cost you your life: I have come to my decision that your post head when reporting can cost you your life bill doskoch: media, bps*, fil says a great deal about you, that’s mental power in your head.

All came from the same IP address versus different emails. All were pointing to a URL touting a resource for post-breakup folks.


This one came in on the evening of Dec. 6. It also made me grin:

Your headline “the divine ms. hbill doskoch: media, bps*, film, minutiae” says a good deal about you, that’s neurons at works between your ears.

But I’m guessing it’s an algorithm spitting this spam out, which takes the fun out of it for me.

Sun, November 28 2010 » Main Page, Minutiae

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  1. Sarah November 28 2010 @ 4:46 pm

    I tried to leave a comment with some spam of my own, but unfortunately none were left on my site that were worthy. Ah well. Next time I get one that makes me chuckle, I shall leave it for you, Bill.

  2. Bill D November 28 2010 @ 6:13 pm

    That would be great, Sarah. If someone praises the “mental power in your head,” let me know. :) [That was my favourite line from the spammer, BTW]

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