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The news diamond

Saw David Akin point to this recently on Twitter: A 2007 blog post by British journalism educator Paul Bradshaw entitled A model for the 21st century newsroom: Pt1 – The news diamond.

To vastly simply, Bradshaw sees two parts to news delivery: Speed and depth (I personally used to conceptualize it as the what-happened and what-does-it-mean streams).

In speed mode, you send out alerts via speed media such as email or simple text messages (2007 was a little early to be talking Twitter, but I’m sure Bradshaw would endorse the tool today).

Next comes a blog post (I would call it a starter story).

Then comes the article package.

In the depth part, the first stage is context. Key to this are hyperlinks, although Bradshaw does a poor job of defining the term “portal.”

For analysis/reflection, this means gathering reaction through forums and blogs (both the news services and external ones), “and proactively from the informed and the affected.” You may wish to include a podcasted debate.

For interactivity, Bradshaw recommends:

  • Flash interactives
  • forums
  • live chats
  • Wikis (beware the sad fate of the LAT wikitorials :) )

The final stage of news evolution is customization.

Primitive forms of customization could include emailed or texted updates and RSS feeds.

The next step up would be social recommending (cutting-edge in 2005). A big one that’s becoming the rage these days would be data-driven customization to permit drilling down to a very individualized level:

‘What happened to that street?’; ‘How many cases were there in my postcode?’; ‘What does this tax mean for someone on my wage?’. This means production processes that integrate things like metatagging, and interfaces that can run off a database, and last but not least, a culture that thinks in terms of these possibilities.

I need to think more about how to shape the diamond in 2010-going-on-2011.


Here is a companion post from Bradshaw, posted Dec. 4: FAQ: Data journalism, laziness, information overload & localism

Wed, December 1 2010 » Main Page, Media

2 Responses

  1. Paul Bradshaw December 1 2010 @ 4:40 pm

    Thanks – I do mention Twitter in the piece, which I guess now looks pretty prescient. Would welcome any suggestions on how I could improve the definition of portal?

  2. Bill D December 1 2010 @ 11:33 pm

    Actually, at the time you wrote it, it was!

    Sorry for the oversight; hazards of end-of-day blogging.

    I’ll give it another look, but when I called up your blog post just now, I got a ‘500’ error.