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Friends, followers and fans – the social constellation

It’s not about journalism per se, but San Franciso-based social media expert Brian Solis wrote an excellent post for Fast Company on how to conceive of the social consumer:

There is no one audience. It’s an audience of audiences with audiences and within each are varying roles of theĀ social consumer.

At any one moment, social consumers are:

  • Influencers
  • Decision Makers
  • Peers
  • Advisers
  • Idea Generators
  • Adversaries
  • Advocates
  • Customers

If we are designing our engagement strategies and social presences around the varying, yet important roles of the social consumer, we are missing our true opportunities to cultivate more meaningful communities online and in the real world.

The future of business is tied to how the 3F’s convert into the 4A’s action, advisor, affinity, and advocacy, regardless of network.

Read the whole thing, but the question of whether a solid social media approach binds your audience more tightly to the person/business’s brand.

Sun, December 19 2010 » Main Page, Media