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What made Kathy English tweet this?

Kathy English, the public editor of the Toronto Star, issued this tweet Tuesday night:

Did Rob Ford aide lie to me in seeking correction about Ford’s university record? Was I had? What is truth here?

Here’s the issue outlined in the Toronto Star story:

Mayor Rob Ford took courses at university — that much, at least, is clear.

Normally, a mayor’s post-secondary education is an easily confirmed thing, a line or two in an official biography.

But Ford is no ordinary mayor.

Last April, early in the civic election campaign, Ford seemed to imply to the Star’s Linda Diebel that he had graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa, where he studied political science and played centre for the Ravens football team.

The confusion arose after Diebel asked Ford about graduating and he replied: “21; I took three years.”

After the story ran, Fraser Macdonald, the Ford campaign’s deputy communications director, emailed a clarification: “While Rob did attend Carleton University for political science, he actually left school two credits short of graduating when his sister fell upon hard times.”

Read the full story for the convoluted details. Also read this OpenFile Ottawa report.

The Star, which published a clarification in April based on Macdonald’s contention that Ford was two credits shy of graduating, asked Ford’s office Tuesday to erase any confusion by confirming which post-secondary schools he attended, when and what he studied.

At press time, there was no response.

Macdonald didn’t respond to the Star’s request for comment.

Some background reading:

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