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Russell Williams: Canada’s biggest newsmaker? Really?

Russell Williams — once an Air Force colonel, now a convicted murderer and sex offender — has been deemed Canada’s newsmaker of the year. However, the news managers who chose him many be confusing the news with the newsmaker.

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Thu, December 23 2010 » Main Page, Media » 3 Comments

Can an auditor-general’s report bring down a government?

David Akin had posted the following to his blog on Tuesday: The U.S. government’s shocking lack of financial reporting accountability. It got some attention on Twitter on Wednesday. About the same time, Akin tweeted: An auditor’s report like this would bring down govts in Canada. In the U.S., barely a shrug This provoked me into asking Mr. Akin […]

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Thu, December 23 2010 » Main Page, Media, politics » 4 Comments