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Journalists are more trusted! Hey, wait a minute

I reflexively retweeted this:

globeandmail Canadians trust doctors less, journalists more: poll

And how much trust is that? What company are journalists keeping? From the Montreal Gazette story:

Speaking of media, national trust in journalists increased by one per cent, to 32 per cent, placing reporters a notch below auto mechanics, but one above lawyers.

Interesting. It would seem trust in media hasn’t statistically budged. I’m assuming so, as the Gazette story didn’t report a margin of error. You have to be an Ipsos-Reid subscriber to see the actual Dec. 26 news release.

Other professions did take a trust hit compared to 2003, and soldiers emerged on top. They were trusted by 68 per cent.

I’m wondering what it would take to get journalists up into the 50s — that rarified stature occupied by day-care workers, police officers, judges and teachers.

Tue, December 28 2010 » Main Page, Media