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Ontario election leaders’ tour maps

A little election project I’ve been working on at is mapping the leaders’ tours. Here they are: Week 3 Map: Battling for votes in the GTA Week 2 Map: Plow match brings leaders together Week 1 Map: Leaders shadowing May 2 wins, losses The shorter version is that what happened on May 2 seems […]

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Pictures of Matchstick Men

First recorded in 1968 by Status Quo, this Wikipedia entry classifies Pictures of Matchstick Men as “bubblegum psychedelia.” That may be true, but I like it anyways. In any event, to catalogue them for my purposes, here is Status Quo performing the song on Tops of the Pops.  I will follow with some favourite cover […]

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Fish, birds and sunsets in eastern Ontario

Went fishing in eastern Ontario this past weekend. Here are the photos from Loughborough Lake (posted to G+). An example below: The next group includes photos taken Friday, Sept. 16 in the Gananoque area and on Sunday, Sept. 18 at Loughborough Lake. A sample below of a killer loon:

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I’m on Google+

Encircle me. I’m treating Google Plus as Twitter, the extended mix. I like its photo gallery feature, imperfect though it may be, so I’ll likely post photos there and link back. Minute-to-minute blathering can be found on Twitter: @billdinTO. When I’m back up to speed, this blog will the place for curating, analysis and major commentaries penned by […]

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