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Migrating print infographics to the Web

I’ve always thought The Globe and Mail created some fine infographics, but I couldn’t find them on the Web.

Not a problem any more.

Here’s a sample from Feb. 7, about the political pinata known as the St. Clair streetcar line:

Traffic drops with construction of Toronto’s light rail line

But one problem is the accompanying short article didn’t migrate with the infographic!

There is a separate story on the Web where you can also find the infographic: Much maligned St. Clair line not so bad after all.

Some facts in there that you don’t find on the infographic:

  • the line opened in June 2010
  • it ranks 8th in productivity (boardings per hour) for the TTC’s 150 surface routes
  • explanation for the project’s completion delays (project creep, delays caused by a lawsuit that was ultimately dismissed)

The St. Clair line had been budgeted to cost $65 million. Its final cost was $106 million.

That’s all useful context. That’s why although it’s good you can find the infographic on the Web, there should be a link back to the John Lorinc story with which it was originally paired in print.

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