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CBC News closes foreign bureaus, kills two shows

CBC staff got more grim details today about the extent of cutbacks at the public broadcaster. I “storified” some reaction.

From The Globe and Mail:

The CBC has announced a series of cuts, including the cancellation of the CBC News Network show Connect with Mark Kelley and CBC Radio One’s foreign-news program Dispatches, as part of its need to save $86-million over three years.

In the aftermath of an overall reduction of $115-million in federal funding, CBC’s English services’ executives also announced Tuesday they will no longer commission radio dramas, ending a tradition that included the Afghanada series, which ran for six seasons. …

With television programming and news taking the brunt of the budget cuts, 88 news jobs will be cut at the national network and local levels, said (Kirstine) Stewart (vice-president of English-language services). In total this year, 215 jobs will be cut from English Services by June 21, encompassing other areas, such as operations, programming and administrative jobs at the broadcaster.

Two overseas bureaus will be closed, and the Los Angeles bureau will be reduced in size.

This Toronto Star story breaks down the cuts quite nicely.

The Globe also had this:

The latest staff cuts come after 800 jobs were cut from the CBC’s English and French services in 2009. The budget was trimmed at that time by $171-million.

“We underwent a reduction in 2009, which looked at some of the areas that wouldn’t be as obvious to viewers because they were behind the scenes,” Stewart said. “We did that already. There wasn’t a lot of room to do that again.”

My Storify curation of tweets, culled from #cbccuts (disclosure: I’m employed by; I worked as a casual at in 2003):

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