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‘Thoughts on depression from an artistic mind’

Writer Michael Redhill penned some thoughts on the scourge of depression from the perspective of someone who has suffered with bouts of it for about four decades.

The main points:

  • There’s no cure, only remission
  • depressives don’t make themselves sick
  • depression is a surfeit of empathy for one’s self
  • the only treatment is exercise and work
  • suicidal thoughts become suicidal action when the thought of your loved ones arranged around your grave is no longer a deterrent
  • love depressives despite their illness
  • touch helps
  • the culprit is the mind
  • depression is a byproduct of consciousness, and addiction is a byproduct of depression

The final paragraph from the Globe and Mail commentary:

To all my fellow sufferers, then, slainte. Your depression exists not because you did something wrong or because you’re a bad person, it exists because you’re you. Remember the last time you survived it and how it cleansed you, and hold on to that if you can. That is the gift of depression: When it leaves you, it leaves you flayed but vividly alive. Dante’s Inferno (an archetypal rendering of depression) ends with Virgil emerging from the seven circles of hell, reborn into life by a holy grace. The depressed person wants to live and wants to love and it is always a surprise to rediscover the pleasures of the world after despair. The final line of Dante’s poem is a talisman to be held dear by anyone who has experienced depression’s pervasive darkness: Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars.

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