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Saudi blogger could face retrial, possible beheading

Raif Badawi, the Saudi blogger whose writings have earned him a 10-year sentence and 1,000 lashes, could be facing a fresh hell — a retrial that would include the capital crime of apostasy, or renouncing his religion.

The new worries come from his family.

From the Guardian (“Saudi blogger Raif Badawi could be retried and beheaded, say his family“):

They claimed to have learned of attempts within the Saudi judicial system to have Raif Badawi retried for the crime, which carries a death sentence. Amnesty International said it was looking into the claims, which could not be verified on Sunday evening.

“Raif and his family must be thinking ‘what new hell is this?’,” said an Amnesty spokesman.

“The torment of facing each week the possibility of another brutal public flogging is an unimaginable torture. These latest rumours that the death penalty is a possibility again add to the nightmare.”

Badawi was acquitted of apostasy in 2013.

The family wants to see Badawi pardoned and allowed to leave for Canada, where his wife and three children now live in Sherbrooke, Que.

Badawi received the first 50 of his lashes back in January. Since then, the lashings have been delayed, ostensibly because Badawi isn’t fit enough to withstand them.

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