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Some tips for reporting on outlaw bikers

Peter Edwards of the Toronto Star has been writing about bad guys of various stripes for decades, but he has particularly built up some expertise in the world of one per cent bikers (the fraction that chooses to live outside the law).

Back on Feb. 1, he posted a list of pointers on how best to cover bikers. Here’s the first three. Read the full post:

  • Expect trouble if you’re interfering with ongoing business. These people take money seriously.
  • Also expect trouble if you make things personal. Try not to upset his wife or kids (Bikers are invariably male). Photographing a biker going in or out of a courthouse isn’t nearly as emotionally charged as photographing him going in or out of his family home. Try to keep things business-like.
  • If you feel the need to take surveillance photos, do it from a company car. You don’t need people checking your license plate and learning your home address.

Tue, March 17 2015 » Main Page, Media