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Harper hypes Islamic State war mission

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Canadian forces involved in the air war against Islamic State that they have his unconditional support for the effort — then went into a hair-raising rant about the dangers posed by IS.

From the Toronto Star (“Harper vows ‘unconditional support’ to troops in fight against Islamic State group“):

Speaking in a cavernous hangar at a Kuwaiti airbase, Harper told the group of air force personnel that they are facing an “extraordinarily dangerous enemy.”

“Make no mistake: by fighting this enemy here you are protecting Canadians at home,” the prime minister said. “Because this evil knows no borders, and left uncontained, it will spread like a plague.”

He said the group’s goal is to launch an “orgy of violence around the world.

“Acts of brutality and murder, a war waged against everything we hold dear,” Harper said.

From this airfield, which reporters were not allowed to identify, CF-18s fighter jets have flown 548 missions so far, dropping bombs on Islamic State targets several dozen times.

But Harper cautioned that while the Islamic State’s offensive ambitions across Syria and Iraq have been blunted by coalition efforts, extremists are “far, far from beaten.”

“So, we must press on, our resolve undiminished, as I know yours is,” he said.

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