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A cogent argument against Brexit

Adopting the letter-to-a-friend approach, the Globe and Mail penned a solid editorial advising residents of the U.K. why they should vote “remain” in the Brexit referendum.

From the Globe and Mail (“Dear Britain: You’ve got a good deal with the EU. Don’t blow it now“)

The Leave campaign is all about wanting to “Take Control,” as their slogan puts it. Freedom? Autonomy? Deciding for yourselves? We can’t really argue with the rhetoric or the emotions behind it.

But here’s the thing: You’ve got a good deal going with the EU. This is a club that every country in the region wants to join. Not only are you a member, but all sorts of unique arrangements have been made so that your membership is like no one else’s. You are in the club, you sit on the executive – and yet you’ve been given special dispensation when it comes to club rules that bother you. You get to have your EU cake and eat your Independent Britain cake, too.

Britain has negotiated its way to being partly in the club, and partly out. Eurosceptics agree with that idea; they just want more “out,” while keeping key “ins,” like free trade. But Britain already has the three best things it should want from a deal with the EU: You’re in the common market, you keep your border and you get your pound.

Britain is not part of the Schengen zone of borderless movement – there are still very real borders between it and the continent. Britain is not part of the euro – a wise decision that means Britain maintain its own currency, its own central bank and its own monetary policy, tailored to its own economic conditions. And yet Britain enjoys full trading access to the EU in a common market of 28 countries and more than half a billion people. …

The EU is a prix fixe restaurant, but the UK has managed to convince its partners to let it order à la carte, repeatedly.

If the Leave campaign wins, that carefully negotiated balancing act ends. Humpty Dumpty gets shoved to one side of the wall or the other, and there are no steps down.

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