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Brexit: The Leave side emerges victorious

As I checked Twitter feverishly on Thursday night, the news I was dreading to hear broke around 10:50 p.m. MDT: The BBC was projecting a victory by the Leave side of the Brexit referendum.

The final tally wouldn’t be known for a few hours later (about 7:20 a..m. in London). The Leave camp had won 51.9  per cent of the vote, capturing the support of 17,410,742 voters. The Remain camp trailed with 16,141,241 votes.

Voter turnout was 72.2 per cent of the more than 46.5 million eligible to cast ballots.

For detailed local results, see the BBC referendum results page.

For a visual overview, here is a map of the voting results, prepared by the Globe and Mail. There are 382 local counting areas represented on the map:

UK EU referendum results map by the Globe and Mail
















Here are national results, as taken from the BBC:

  • England – Leave, 53.4 per cent; Remain, 46.4 per cent
  • Northern Ireland – Leave, 44.2 per cent; Remain, 55.8 per cent
  • Scotland – Leave, 38 per cent; Remain, 62 per cent
  • Wales – Leave, 52.5 per cent; Remain, 47.5 per cent

Observers immediately tagged he fact that Northern Ireland and Scotland had voted in favour of remaining in the European Union as being potential trouble for the unity of the United Kingdom itself in the coming years.

For a play-by-play of how the results rolled in after the polls closed, see this Globe and Mail story: The clock struck midnight – and Britain turned into the EU’s worst nightmare.

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