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Canada criticized in Marrakech over fossil fuel ambitions

Lede: “The Liberal government’s twin pursuits of expanded foreign markets for Canadian fossil fuels and global action on climate change are getting some unfavourable notice at an international climate summit in Morocco.”From CP via the Globe and Mail (“Canada criticized over fossil fuel expansion at Morocco climate summit“):

The newly elected Trudeau government made a big splash at last December’s United Nations-sponsored COP21 in Paris by helping push aggressive global ambition in the battle against a warming planet.

But while negotiating a national plan with the provinces and territories to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the Liberals have also approved a major liquefied natural gas project in British Columbia this fall and signalled their openness to new oil pipeline proposals.

Environmental advocates attending this year’s COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, issued a release Wednesday calling out Canada’s competing policy priorities.

“It is a serious concern when we see the international community not honouring their commitments and we are concerned Canada is still pursuing their fossil fuel projects,” Benson Ireri of Christian Aid Africa said in the release. “Developed countries have a moral obligation to honour the Paris Agreement.”

The Philippines-based Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice also waded in, calling on Canada “to do the utmost that it can in domestic emissions reduction, to stop all expansion of fossil fuels, to do an immediate transition to renewable energy and deliver the finance necessary to keep the world from breaching 1.5 (degrees) Celsius,” said spokeswoman Lidy Nacpil.

The article went on to point out that the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline would result in upstream emissions of 14 to 17 million tonnes per year. In comparison, the carbon tax that the Trudeau government is imposing is expected to reduce emissions by 18 million tonnes by 2022, when it is fully implemented.

It’s really hard to see how we can expand the oilsands’ output and significantly reduce our GHG emissions.

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